Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
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Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Follow along as we share our experiences building our own home. We are neither builders nor architects so we get a lot of help along the way!

Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Rural Ozarks
Madison County
Northwest, Arkansas 72632

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The mis-adventures of the Bailey family building their own home Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
More Photos From Our Project.

Details on the Lot


Date: December 4, 2003

As mentioned earlier, the lot is not a very large one. Across the road a farmer has 78 acres and behind us is a large area of state land that goes for miles. We will never have neighbors, however there will likely be people across the street in under two years.

This lot sits atop a ridge with a view on both directions. We could set the cabin what ever way we want and get a great view, but we wish to design the home to be as close to invisible from the road as possible. A home that is vacant runs a risk of being vandalized, so unless you really look for it, you may never know it is there.

On the top image, there is a long driveway that stretches half the length of our road frontage. This is currently a future idea for other building projects there. The line running between the road and this drive is a wall made of stone found on the property.

The earth here is about 40-60% broken stone and gravel. It is a beautiful stone that will look good on the fireplace, a wall or as siding. The stones pictured here are four sample stones that I brought back from the Thanksgiving trip. They are as much as eight inches across and every stone I found had a flat side that would be a perfect fit for an exposed side. Carefully fit together, these stones will make a beautiful accent.

On the second sketch on this page, you can see the locations of the trees that I measured last week. I needed to determine if there is enough trees on the footprint to build the home with out cutting trees on other spaces in the lot. As it turnes out, there is an abundance of great trees.

Nearly all the trees are either pine or oak. Obviously, I want to remove as few of the oak as possible. There are three areas that have a grove of 10 or more pine trees. These are the places I plan to put any significant buildings on the property.

We do not need the long driveway at this point, so we will only be removing trees that block access to the first home. I don't need any more trees than that. In truth, I beleive that I can make a bunk house (20' x 30') without any additional removal.

The bunk house will be like a guest house. It is to be build on a peir and wood frame and, if possible, without removing any more trees. It will only have a large room, a couple beds, maybe a loft and a bathroom. Sufficient kitchen facilities are available in the main house only 30 feet away. It will be located north and slightly west with a northeast facing front.

Concept Drawings

Click to enlarge image  - Details on the Lot -
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Click to enlarge image  - Details on the Lot -
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