Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
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Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Follow along as we share our experiences building our own home. We are neither builders nor architects so we get a lot of help along the way!

Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Rural Ozarks
Madison County
Northwest, Arkansas 72632

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(479) 555-5555

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The mis-adventures of the Bailey family building their own home Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
More Photos From Our Project.

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 Photos in this section of the site

Photos displayed in this area may also appear on some of our other family photo sites.  One of which can be found at Tigger Travels...

Scale Model of the earthshelter house
Scale Model of the earthshelter house

Last fall, in preparation I build a scale model of the earth shelter house.
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This is a rough model to get some more ideas of what I am facing with the building of the house. Frequently, scale models help with site lines and how things fit in a 3 dimensional world after they are translated from a 2 dimensional set of plans.

Obviously, changes will be made as we go but the...

Winter 2013-2014
Winter 2013-2014

Looking forward to resuming the project

After taking some time off from the whole building process I am preparing to get going again. It has been sitting nearly untouched for a while due to other projects but its time has come.

Of course, winter weather is still upon us and I must wait till the end of the snow is melted.

Footings ready to pour
Footings ready to pour

Bracing for the big day
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We have spent several days preparing for the big pour of 40 yards of cement for the footings of the Earth Shelter House walls, the post footings and a much smaller footing for a decorative wall that will be built along the front of the property.

Video of the footings
Video of the footings

It is slow and hard work
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May 28, 2009.

Today we dug for a couple hours and did not get far.  We keep running in to veins of very hard rock.  This slows my progress a lot!

I drive the back hoe, Val takes the removed dirt with Onslo, the smaller tractor.  To keep things cleaner, I dump the back hoe right into the front...

A new Patio for the Cabin
A new Patio for the Cabin

Now there will be no more tripping over rocks just to get out to the car
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We opted to proceed with plans to pour the section of the driveway that is closest to the front door of the cabin.  For now we will be calling it the patio. It will also serve as a place to park the Durango so that we can get in and out without tripping over rocks that seem to grow out of the ground...

The Garage has been started!
The Garage has been started!

Framing from our own GREEN HARVESTED wood.
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I know it is green harvested because I personally harvested every tree.  They are all naturally fallen trees that fell within a mile of our property (or on our property).

We will be picking up the metal roof in the morning (Tuesday June 15, 2010).  That means we will actually have a roof over the...

Cut Stone
Cut Stone

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As mentioned before, I discovered that the stone on the property is interesting rock. I brought some small pieces home and cut them open on my small saw. The patterns were vere interesting. To determine if this was a good stone for tiling, I neede larger pieces and a bigger saw.

Jim loaned me a s...

My First Solar Water Heater
My First Solar Water Heater

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I created my first solar water heater today. I got the design for this heater from the e-Book Sunshine to Dollars by Steve E. Harris. He has done some consulting with government groups to determine what to di if we sufffer from some catastrophic disaster leaving us without heated or clean water. I m...

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